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Why Christmas marketing matters for estate agents

Christmas has crept up quickly this year, with Christmas cards and decorations available on the high street from as early as September. And while we all might think it’s madness, as the saying goes, the early bird catches the worm.

However, the situation for the high street estate agent can be very different to that of high street retailers and as Christmas approaches, there is often a slow down in new instructions, with the wheels already in motion for those home movers wanting to be in before the year is out.

That said – it’s all the more reason for you to be an early bird too, maintaining contact with your target market and keeping your agency font of mind over the Christmas period.

Once the festivities are over and people start to think about the new year ahead, you want to be their first port of call if they’re thinking of moving home.

So what can you be doing to build relationships and brand awareness this Christmas?

Christmas cards

Spread a little Christmas cheer and reinforce tradition with printed Christmas cards branded to your agency.

A study by Royal Mail found that receiving mail makes 57% of people feel more valued, with its physical quality reflecting the care and effort that went into sending that message.

So don’t hide behind your email inbox sending impersonal Christmas wishes to the masses.

Couple the physical quality of a printed Christmas card with handwritten wishes from your agency and you will really strike a chord with your target market.

The same Royal Mail study also revealed that 39% of people will often display their mail, giving it life beyond the letterbox. And given the nature of a Christmas card, it is even more likely to take pride of place in the home, giving your brand a good shelf life over the winter months.

Direct mail

Much of the same can be said for direct mail. It holds real value with recipients and is fast becoming the most trusted type of marketing.

With personally addressed direct mail proven to achieve higher response rates than unaddressed mail, a Christmas campaign is an effective and timely way to raise brand awareness and position your agency as the go-to experts for next year’s home movers.

When retailers are inundating inboxes with Christmas discounts and exclusive offers, take advantage with a printed direct mailer that will cut through all that clutter.

And let’s be honest, when we’re feeling festive and looking forward to the holidays, we are all much more receptive to Christmas themed marketing messages.

Social media campaign

You could (and should) go on to reinforce your direct mail campaign with the same designs and messaging on social media to increase reach and impact.

Memory encoding for social media advertising is 44% higher when people have seen mail first. And, when primed by mail, people spend 30% longer looking at the corresponding social ads. 

By turning your message into engaging social media images and GIFs, you’re building a multi-channel marketing campaign geared for greater success.

Christmas competition

The Christmas months are an ideal time to prepare your prospecting lists for the New Year, and running a Christmas competition is a good way to build your following on social media and collect the details of potential vendors for future marketing campaigns.

It could be anything from a photo-sharing competition to seek out the most festive house in your area, to a simple ‘like and share for your chance to win a Christmas hamper’ engagement initiative.

After all, Christmas is a time for giving!

Branch open evenings

Tie all of your efforts together with ‘mulled wine and mince pie’ open evenings to bring your target market in branch, coinciding this with your local late night shopping days to increase footfall.

While moving home might not be at the top of the Christmas list, a warm and welcoming environment where potential vendors are able to discuss their plans for the new year and ask your advice will go a long way in winning that listing.

To help you on your way to a successful Christmas marketing campaign, Ravensworth has a range of festive design templates for you to choose from, including charity Christmas cards, direct mail and social media GIFs. 

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Danielle Brown Posted on: 03-10-2019