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Brand perception: Five questions to ask yourself

Brand perception is, in short, what people think about your brand – their feelings, experiences and thoughts about your estate agency.

It’s what people believe your agency represents rather than what you say it represents, and there’s often a difference between the two. You have the power to consciously shape perceptions of your brand in the minds of past, present and prospective clients. Creating positive brand associations will make people think highly of you and your agency, instilling a sense of loyalty that will turn them into returning clients and natural advocates.

So what changes could you make to improve perceptions of your brand and position yourself as the go-to estate agent in your area? These 5 questions will help you get started…

1. Does your brand still reflect your agency today?

Your brand should be recognisable and capture the values of your agency in the logo, fonts and colours you use.

First impressions really count in shaping perceptions and a fresh, modern brand makes all the difference in putting you ahead of your competitors.

A complete rebrand might not be needed, but a refresh can retain your history while improving brand perception and giving it a whole new lease of life.

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2. Does your marketing reflect your service?

How you market your agency can be a sign of how well you market a  property – so make sure that it tells the right story.

Keeping your website up to date with new content and window displays fresh with new properties and eye-catching messages all play a role in shaping how your brand is perceived.

Professionally printed door drops, window cards, property brochures and general marketing materials will create positive associations around the level of service clients can expect.

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3. Do you provide an exceptional customer experience?

Word of mouth is a powerful form of marketing and comments, whether positive or negative, shapes brand perception.

Personal touches at the completion stage can make a difference in how clients feel about your brand and make word of mouth referrals a fantastic marketing tool for your estate agency.

4. Do you interact with your audience on social media?

Social media should be just that – social. 

Posting your new property listings or updating your followers about a successful sale is excellent exposure, but the real shaping of perceptions comes from interacting with your audience.

Responding to comments on your posts or getting involved in groups and conversations about things happening in your area will contribute to how people perceive your brand and position you as a personable and approachable agency.

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5. Are you active and visible in your local community?

Following closely on from our last tip, being active and visible out and about in your local community will work wonders in improving perceptions of your brand too.

Being the estate agent that supports local initiatives and is present at community events will definitely get tongues wagging for the right reasons. It shows you’re invested in matters that your community cares about and puts your agency on the map in the minds of potential vendors.

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Brand perception is owned by your audience, not your agency – but improving that perception isn’t out of your hands!

We can help you refresh your agency’s branding, produce professionally printed marketing materials, and add those all-important personal touches that create an exceptional customer experience.



Danielle Brown Posted on: 24-05-2022