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What to include in your estate agency’s company brochure

The traditional attributes of a professional estate agent – market knowledge; ability; likeability and trust are far more important to sellers than fees and online reviews.

86.5% of sellers say that confidence in ability is the deciding factor in which estate agent they choose to instruct* – and a company brochure can go a long way in instilling that confidence.

There is something special about a printed brochure – the ability to flick through the pages and consume the content at leisure with no distractions.

It’s the perfect leave behind after a property valuation.

But what content should you include to sway a sellers decision and encourage them to instruct you?

About us

For most, selling their home is not just a business transaction, so you need to adopt a personable, approachable tone and tell a compelling story that sets your agency apart.

How long have you been established? What are your company values? Why should sellers choose you over another agent?

Do you have any memberships, affiliations and awards that will give sellers the confidence that you are the best agent in your area?

Focus on what makes you unique, telling your prospects all about it in a way that will humanise your brand.

It can be a nice touch to write this section in the first person, signing it off from the director, owner or branch manager and steering clear of corporate speak.

Property marketing

If you’ve taken the time to impress prospective sellers with a professional company brochure, they will be expecting great things from you when it comes to marketing their property.

Make sure you highlight the marketing techniques you will use to achieve maximum exposure.

• Which portals do you advertise on?

• Do you boast an impressive social media following of interested buyers?

• Do you produce a quality property brochure for every listing?

• Will the seller benefit from professional photography or any photo enhancement services?

• Do you advertise properties with the local press?

• Do you produce your own property and/or lifestyle magazine?

• Will you email details of their property to your database of interested buyers?

• Do you have an interactive window display allowing passers-by to browse properties?

Meet the team

The phrase ‘people buy people’ really does ring true in estate agency. A prospective seller has invited you, a high street estate agent, to value their home because they feel safer selling their home with someone they’re able to meet in person.

So, introduce prospective sellers to your talented team. Put a face to the name and give some details of each person’s role and qualifications, instilling confidence in the abilities of your team.


Not everyone will be prepared to take your word for it. Social proof is important in demonstrating the satisfaction of previous sellers and their willingness to recommend you to others – and your company brochure is the ideal place to include such testimonials.

Local community involvement

Share your agency’s involvement with local events or initiatives to demonstrate the important role you play in the local community. If you are the agent who is always offering your support and championing community importance, this will say a lot about your values as a company.

Branded location map

Include a branded map that pinpoints where prospective sellers can find you, showcasing your branch’s prime location. If you have a regional network of branches, a map which shows the location of each (along with contact details) is a great way to demonstrate your reach and exposure.

Added extras

Yes, your prospects are looking to you to sell their property, but they are also looking for advice and a helping hand throughout the process. Providing some added extras which demonstrate that you are there to guide them in the right direction could sway their decision on who to instruct.

Consider including one or more of the following in your company brochure:

• A home moving checklist

• Tips on preparing your home for viewing

• Points to consider when buying a new home

• Frequently asked questions

Ravensworth’s in-house design team can help you turn your content into a professional company brochure that speaks volumes about your agency, giving prospective sellers that all-important confidence in your ability.

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*The Property Academy Home Moving Trends Survey 2019
Danielle Brown Posted on: 13-11-2019