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Door drop marketing: The power of the letterbox

Door drops are old hat, right?

There are so many digital options that allow you to send targeted marketing, why consider a blanket door drop?

Well, while digital marketing has been stealing the limelight, door drop marketing has been quick to reinvent itself.

With advances in technology and data, many estate agents are enjoying high response rates and increased engagement from targeted campaigns. It’s now a measurable, accountable medium. A viable option that shouldn’t be ignored.


Big impact, small costs

Across all industries, 67% of people have been prompted to buy after receiving a door drop¹.

How’s that for impact?

As well as enabling you to target as accurately or as broadly as you’d like, they’re a very cost-effective way to get your message into the hands of home movers.

A campaign with Ravensworth costs from as little as 10p per door drop for print and distribution, so volume-dependent, you will have covered your costs and then some with just a few instructions.



A door drop demands attention because once it’s on the doormat, it has to be picked up (even if the intention is to throw it away). Those precious few seconds are where a strong message and eye-catching design can work hard to get the recipient to read more or take action.

If the message is relevant and strikes a chord, it’s likely to be kept in the home long after it drops on the doormat – the average being 38 days, with 23% of all mail shared around the household². 

Although door drops are a great method for a direct response campaign, many agents are also seeing the power of using door drops as a brand-building mechanism. It stays in the home for so long that there’s a huge opportunity to either establish or refresh perceptions of your brand so that when they’re ready to engage, they speak to you.

The print appeal

The digital space has long been overcrowded with marketing messages competing for attention, and we’re at liberty to choose whether or not we consume them.

It’s easy to click delete on an email without even opening it. But if something arrives through your letterbox it’s hard to ignore, a novelty to some of today’s younger generation.

The tangible nature of a door drop makes the recipient feel valued and it allows them to engage with it on their terms, rather than seeing it as an unwelcome interruption.


The icing on the cake? Because distribution is carried out at postcode level and not personally addressed, it’s a GDPR compliant method of communicating with your target market. 

Here are our top tips to make your next door drop campaign work for you:

1. It’s not all about you – think about how the message you use taps into the needs of your target audience

2. Focus on one goal, don’t confuse the recipient by asking them to do too much

3. Make the call-to-action clear and easy to understand

4. Use action words that tell the recipient what to do, e.g. discover, act, join, call, visit

5. Don’t use more words than you need, you only have a few seconds between someone picking up a door drop and it ending up in the bin

6. Likewise, don’t compromise with design, the door drop should command attention

7. Create the right impression with quality print that matches your quality of service

8. Integrate your door drop campaign with targeted digital activity to maximise results

The proof is in the pudding. If you’d like to test the success of door drop marketing, we can help you with the design, print, targeting and distribution of your campaign.

Contact us today.

¹ Royal Mail MarketReach, Iluminas 2014
² Royal Mail MarketReach, The Private Life of Mail, 2015
Danielle Brown Posted on: 12-02-2020