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Ravensworth has partnered with Dataloft – giving customers access to property market insights

We’ve teamed up with Dataloft, which means our Marketing Toolkit customers can draw property market insights into their print campaigns – and similarly, Dataloft customers can now print directly with Ravensworth.

This partnership has allowed us to add a whole new dimension to our web-to-print marketing platform, enabling access to the intelligent, research-driven data for which Dataloft is known.

Our Marketing Toolkit customers (who also have a subscription with Dataloft) can now draw relevant statistics and compelling content into their print marketing campaigns – demonstrating their expertise and helping vendors and landlords understand their local market.

But that’s not all. Our new partnership also means that Dataloft customers can now print directly with Ravensworth from inside the Dataloft Inform portal, using our integrated Instant Print application.

Our general manager, Graeme Edwards, explains, “We’ve worked together closely over the last few months to come up with a solution that allows Dataloft customers access to our printing capabilities, as well as giving our customers the opportunity to use Dataloft Inform’s powerful market information in their printed materials. The initial feedback from our Marketing Toolkit customers has been fantastic, and we’re really pleased that we’ve been able to roll this out.”

If you’re not already using it, find out more about our template-driven web-to-print platform, Marketing Toolkit, and how it can help multi-branch agencies manage their print marketing.

Or for more information on our Dataloft Inform ‘Instant Print’ integration, contact Dataloft.

Danielle Brown Posted on: 24-11-2020