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Window displays that wow

Window displays that wow

Simple, low cost ways to achieve maximum impact

Your window display is a key part of your advertising – providing a selling space for vendor’s properties as well as projecting a message to customers about your brand values. So it’s worth investing a little time and energy to ensure that you have maximum impact.

A useful guide is the 4-step ‘AIDA’ sales funnel.

Attraction: Elements that’ll help to attract customers are colour, movement, price, lighting, and styling. Grouping, composition and space are also important.

Interest: How is your window laid out? Can your audience easily see what is on offer? What ‘tone’ are you establishing and are you using imagery and relevant messages that resonate with buyers and sellers?

Make sure your display has topical, up-to-date and informative information and ensure that you explain why customers should choose you. For example, talk about your understanding of the market, past success, membership of professional bodies, qualifications and awards.

Desire: Create a pressing imperative that now’s the time to move. There are a number of ways you can do this, for example “98% of vendors were satisfied with our service and would recommend us.”

Action: Encourage the customer to move on from the consideration stage to taking action on what you are proposing.

We work with thousands of estate and letting agents – both large and small and have the experience to help you make the most of your window displays and other point of sale marketing.

Gemma Crosby Posted on: 26-06-2018