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3 ideas for building your referral network

3 ideas for building your referral network

Here are our top tips for nurturing past customers

Your past customers can be your best source of referral work.  Those that have bought or sold a property with you are in a strong position to influence others and can make the difference between getting a referral or losing out to another agent.

We’ve come up with 3 simple ideas that are designed to help you stay in touch, nurture loyalty and win referrals.

1. Welcome to your New Home: Send past customers a card to welcome them to their new home. Choose from a range of designs and adapt to include your logo and brand colours.

2. Anniversary: Reinforce regular scheduled calls with an anniversary card or letter to stay front of mind with past customers and keep them informed of your success and expertise.

3. We’ve Moved: Present past customers with a pack of personalised and branded ‘we have moved’ cards to send to their friends and family.

A personal approach and maintaining regular contact with past customers is absolutely essential for estate agents that plan to win new listings through recommendation.

Gemma Crosby Posted on: 26-06-2018