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4 strategies for successful campaigns

4 strategies for successful marketing campaigns, practical ideas to build influence & win listings.

Well-designed materials are essential to attract attention, motivate your audience and support your brand. The best agents are planning their campaigns a season or 2 ahead and looking at how they’ll attract new buyers and vendors. Here are our 4 top tips for getting ahead of the game.



1. People buy from those that they know, trust and like

Show your experience, share details about yourself and what qualifies you and your team as the best people to help get them where they want to be.

2. People connect with other people

Show your human side, invest in professional photography for team images and use them in your marketing materials.

Be relevant, think about the motivations of your target audience and adapt your images, messages and tone of voice. Why not create different brochures for different groups? E.g.

  • First time buyers, they’re generally younger and looking for advice and support at every stage – particularly around finances and lending.
  • 2nd and 3rd time buyers are more likely to have growing families, different lifestyle requirements including more space and proximity to good schools.
  • Downsizers tend to be older and concerned with finances. Moving is often prompted by a relationship break-down or releasing equity or help children get on the property ladder.

3. People look for ‘social proof’ – “are other people like me recommending them?”

Ask others to tell your story

  • Door drop campaigns are a great way to let potential sellers and/or landlords know that others have been rewarded for trusting you to sell their property.
  • Sold in your street flyers can incorporate a recommendation from a neighbour which has more impact.
  • Show small acts of kindness – To stand out demonstrate your involvement by promoting your support or organisation of worthwhile local events.
  • Reach out – Try to identify online communities that you are interested in getting closer to and build influence by publishing helpful advice or news that others will share.

4. Establish and maintain your reputation before and after the sale

Stay in touch – Don’t limit yourself to selling to people when they need you. Establish a reputation long before and after you’ve completed a move, with a view to having something to offer in time. Make sure that your marketing materials are professionally designed and printed and reflect your brand.

Stay in touch with past customers – they are your future prospects and current social proof.

Gemma Crosby Posted on: 26-06-2018