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Ravensworth launches new direct mail application for estate agents

The wait is over!

We’ve officially launched our new, self-service direct mail application to help estate agencies of all sizes reach their target market and future-proof their pipeline.

Directmailr™ is the newest addition to our online print platform, MyRavensworth, and it allows your agency to quickly and easily send direct mail campaigns.

The application gives you access to household and ‘on the market’ data and a range of free direct mail templates.

Once you’ve refined a target audience and customised your mailer, you can then print and post your prospecting campaign at the click of a button.

Graeme Edwards, general manager at Ravensworth, said: “Direct mail is an essential prospecting tool for estate agents, but it’s always been quite a time-consuming task to create, print and post a campaign.

Directmailr™ removes the toing and froing with designers and print suppliers, giving agents the ability to build an end-to-end campaign themselves.

“And just like our other applications in MyRavensworth, there is no contract, subscription or minimum spend required to use Directmailr™. Agents can create an account for free and pay for the data they use and the number of mailers they post each month with no obligation.”

Ready to become a prospecting pro?

To build your first campaign using Directmailr™, head to MyRavensworth and register for an account today.

Danielle Brown Posted on: 17-11-2021