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The Next Normal: How estate agents can harness the power of print marketing

On the 8th of October, Peter Knight and the team at Property Academy pulled off the seemingly impossible with the EA Masters 2020, delivering the biggest virtual event in the country.

Forty-six sessions were delivered by some of the best business minds who shared invaluable information, insight, ideas and inspiration for the next normal in estate agency.

Right now though, we’re still in limbo between the old normal and the next normal.

It’s awkward and uncertain. And it’s definitely not business as usual. But if there’s one thing COVID-19 has brought about, that’s an acceleration of change in the property industry.

That change has been seen across the board for independent agents, corporate networks and industry suppliers like ourselves.

Cliché or not, we really are, all in this together – and it’s at times like this that we all need to focus on how we can up our game, help each other do more with less and keep pushing on towards the next normal.

Marketing post-COVID

Estate agents are making a cautious return to marketing, and we’ve found that our customers are paying much more attention to how they can make their agency stand out and, in the words of Seth Godin, be remarkable.

They’re updating the design of their brochures and print templates, and investing in more targeted marketing with addressed direct mail campaigns and door drops. They’re focused on showing their customers who they are, what they believe in and why they’re different.

By combining digital approaches like email and social media with print marketing, you can increase your conversion rates significantly. In fact, it’s proven to be four times more effective than digital on its own¹.

Why? Because emails can often go unopened and social messages can get buried in the news feed. But interaction with print tends to be much deeper, more engaging and more memorable. Especially now, when having little choice but to adapt to more digital channels has left many of us feeling overwhelmed and unable to unplug.

At the EA Masters, our general manager, Graeme Edwards, talked more about this, explaining how to harness the power of print and reimagine the way you approach your marketing post-COVID.

To find out what changes you can make – operationally and tactically – to ensure your marketing is resonating with your audience, you can watch the replay of Graeme’s talk below.

We’ve upped our game so that you can too

We too have had to up our game and rethink the way we work to serve the changing needs of our customers since March – the goal being to make your lives easier and print marketing much more hassle-free.

Our new online platform, MyRavensworth, is a faster, simpler and smarter way to order your print marketing materials and access all our services.

It’s self-service at its finest, with support when you need it. So if social distancing and home working are making you rethink how you print, MyRavensworth could be the cost-effective, outsourced solution you need.

It’s faster

MyRavensworth gives you instant online prices to help you plan your print marketing campaigns and allows you to send your files directly to print using the built-in InstantPrint app. This new, more streamlined process means that 60% of jobs hit the presses within just 15 minutes of ordering.

It’s simpler

Easy to use and accessible from any device, MyRavensworth is designed to put you in control. You can access your account area to view your orders, track deliveries, download invoices and monitor your spend – making it much simpler to manage your print marketing.

It’s smarter

MyRavensworth uses an intelligent PDF interrogator to automatically identify the product you upload, and you can pre-set your print preferences for frequently ordered items, saving you time and effort in the future.

This central platform means you can access all of our products and services in one place, including our image editing service, Photofixr™.

It’s free to use with no subscriptions or lengthy contracts, and the simple click-of-a-button processes will help you save time, money and resources.

We’ve upped our game so that you can too.

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¹ Top Media Advertising – Top print advertising statistics and effectiveness
Danielle Brown Posted on: 28-10-2020