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Benefits of a quality business card

23 February 2016

Benefits of a quality business card

Why quality business cards are such a smart investment...


The proliferation of smart phones enabling immediate access to contact lists, email and social networking sites has given rise to a society that is addicted to being connected. Connecting with people, whether friends, colleagues, customers or prospects is easier than ever, yet the humble business card continues to hold its own. 

With connectivity literally at our fingertips, we're all too accustomed to connecting digitally. The printed business card is a powerful alternative, a much more personal and memorable way to connect than inputting each other's details into our smartphones.


If you're willing to put your name and number on a printed business card, this action alone gives you immediate credibility. It demonstrates professionalism, authority and competence in your field, leading your new contact to trust in you and your agency. It also leaves them with something tangible which will continue to act as a prompt long after your initial meeting.

Brand perceptions

A business card is an extension of you and your brand, an 85 x 55mm advertisement. The words, design and print quality should represent your agency and the level of service you provide. First impressions count. If you're cutting corners with a flimsy, poor quality business card, consider what this says about your quality of service. If your business card is well designed and printed on a quality heavy-weight stock, it will act as a good advertisement for your agency. If your business card stands out from the crowd, your prospects can rest assured that you can also make their property stand out from the crowd. 

Networking and chance encounters

Press adverts, direct mail campaigns and email marketing are all great ways to attract prospects, but the most successful way to generate strong leads is in person. You could encounter a potential lead at any time, on a train, in your local cafe or at your son's football match. Carrying a quality business card will ensure that you never miss the opportunity to make a potentially valuable connection and a lasting impression.


Ravensworth's high quality range of business cards will speak volumes about you and your agency.

 Ravensworth Business Cards



Printed on quality, heavy weight silk card, choose from three lamination options that will add that extra finishing touch to your business card.

- Gloss Lamination - A high-shine lamination giving a vibrant, glossy finish - perfect for more colourful designs.

- Matt Lamination - A soft, glare-free lamination that will add a subtle air of professionalism to any design.

- Velvet Lamination - Enriching deeper design colours, this lamination gives a non-shine, velvety finish that is luxuriously soft to the touch.



Ravensworth Business Cards 

810gsm LUX

Triple layered, this signature card has a striking coloured core running through the centre - and with 12 core colours to choose from, we're sure that there will be one that compliments your design!

810gsm LUX


Do your business cards give a true reflection of your agency? If not, perhaps now is the time to revisit both the design and print. Studio R, Ravensworth's in-house design studio will work with you to achieve a unique design that will make your agency memorable at every encounter.


For more information and help in producing a new, quality business card, contact us today.