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Directmailr™ one of 40 Best Estate Agency Supplier Innovations

It’s that time of year again, and we’re delighted that our new direct mail application, Directmailr™, has been hailed as one of this year’s Top 40 Best Estate Agency Supplier Innovations.

In conjunction with Property Academy (producers of EA Masters), Kerfuffle has scoured the world of property for the best ideas and solutions that are helping agents be the best they can be.

Directmailr™ is the newest addition to our online print platform, MyRavensworth, and it allows estate agencies to quickly and easily send direct mail campaigns.

The application gives agents access to household and ‘on the market’ data and a range of free direct mail templates to build a campaign and print and post it at the click of a button.

Kerfuffle’s recently published guide states: “Shaped by the changes they’ve seen over the past 18 months, Ravensworth’s new Directmailr™ application provides estate agents with a quick and easy way to build powerful prospecting campaigns in just three simple steps. The key here is not the direct mail aspect itself – Ravensworth has been printing and posting direct mail campaigns on behalf of agents for years. The key is in the accessibility of the application and the ease of the template editing tool.”

Our general manager, Graeme Edwards says: “Direct mail is an essential prospecting tool for estate agents, but it’s always been quite a time-consuming task to create, print and post a campaign.

“The idea behind Directmailr™ was to make the prospecting process much easier and, importantly, more accessible for small and single-branch agents. I’m thrilled that Kerfuffle has hailed our application as a top innovation, and I’m confident that it will prove beneficial to many agents.”

Ready to become a prospecting pro?

To build your first campaign using Directmailr™, head to MyRavensworth and register for an account today.

Danielle Brown Posted on: 19-11-2021