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Communication in a crisis

The global COVID-19 pandemic has prompted us to ask how can we keep in touch with our clients at a time like this, what should we say and how should we say it?

In the absence of a formal ‘crisis communication plan, it’s important to maintain a dialogue with your target market and have a clear and consistent message. While we aren’t able to control the situation at present, we can certainly control our response to it. Here are our top 5 things to remember when keeping in touch with your customers. 


1. Be real

We’re all going through this together and while priorities differ from person to person, it’s important to keep in touch.

Proactively addressing the situation and letting your clients know what you’re doing to help and how your business will adapt will keep you front of mind as a valued part of the community.





2. Be focused

While you may not experience the enquiries you’re used to in the coming weeks, you can still achieve some goals. The government’s advice is for people to delay moving home if they’re able to, but they will undoubtedly go ahead once it’s safe.

Use this time to build brand awareness in your local area and make sure you’re at the forefront of people’s minds when they are ready to take action.



3. Be visible 

As many estate agents have closed their offices to comply with self-isolation and social distancing rules, it’s natural to worry about lack of visibility.

You can pull back on marketing but still remain visible to your target market and build your brand with a multi-channel approach. For example, your social media channels can be used for instant interactions, direct mail could be used to bolster brand awareness and email could be used to impart knowledge.





4. Be supportive

Focus on what’s important to your clients right now. If you position yourself as a source of knowledge over the coming weeks or months, they’re more likely to turn to you once this is all over.

Be empathetic to your client’s situation, they’ll remember you for it. Now is not the time for the hard sell, but to build relationships.



5. Be proactive in the community

The Coronavirus pandemic is affecting businesses and everyone and everything around them.

While it’s your duty to ensure your actions don’t negatively impact those around you, it’s also an opportunity to enhance relationships with the local community. Providing support to those in need during times of crisis will be remembered.



Gemma Crosby Posted on: 25-03-2020