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Property brochures: The do's and don'ts of word templates

04 August 2016

Property brochures: The do's and don'ts of word templates

Are you making these common brochure template mistakes?

Microsoft Word templates are a fantastic solution if you want to be able to create your own property brochures in-house. Creating and printing Word templates on a daily basis, we are clued up on the common mistakes made when populating content - and that puts us in the perfect position to share some simple but important pointers to ensure you achieve the best result possible.


Brochure Covers

If you require your main property image to fill the available space on the front of your brochure, edge to edge, you need to ensure that your image runs off the edge of the page. Simply extend your image over the edges of the page slightly to ensure that, when trimmed to size, there is no white margin outlining your image.

When placing your logo and property details, you must then apply the opposite logic and ensure that these do not sit too close to the edge of the page. This will prevent any accidental cropping of content when your brochure is trimmed to size. We advise leaving a safe area of 10mm (1cm) between your content and the edge of the page.

Property Brochure Word Templates


Brochure Inners

A safe area of 10mm (1cm) should apply to text and images throughout your property brochure, ensuring that this area is the same width at each edge, giving the page an even border when trimmed.

For consistency, ensure that you are keeping heading styles and font sizes the same, as well as column lengths and widths. Where possible keep image boxes in line with each other and in line with the text around them.

Paying attention to these finer details will make a big difference in achieving a professional look and feel.


Property Brochure Word Templates



Property Brochure Word Templates




Ravensworth offer both a Word template service and a managed template service to help you create your property brochures.


Microsoft Word Template Service

Create your own property details using simple templates that have been professionally designed by Ravensworth. You can then send your finished brochure to our print ordering system via email. Integrated with many estate agency software providers, print ordering with Ravensworth can become a seamless part of your everyday business process.


Managed Template Service

Using InDesign, we will create and manage the population of your brochure template for you, in line with your corporate guidelines. Supply your text and images to us, and we will populate your brochure and send you a proof before print, with two rounds of amends included.


Find out more about our brochure ranges, Classic and Prestige, or request a sample pack.


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