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How to add value to your everyday emails

24 August 2016

How to add value to your everyday emails

Every email you send is a potential sales and marketing opportunity for your agency.


Now take a moment to consider how many emails you send in just one working day…

With that said, are your everyday emails as valuable as they could be?

A professional email signature will have a huge effect on the overall impact of your emails. When sifting through an overflowing inbox, your emails need to stand head and shoulders above the rest (quite literally if you include a head shot). 

Your email sign-off likely carries the basics - your name and company name, job title and telephone number. But why stop there? A frequent and important form of communication for your agency, everyday emails are the ideal place to incorporate marketing messages and interactive, clickable links to your website and social media pages.


So what should you include?


Your agency logo and brand styling

Arguably the most obvious element, but often badly executed, your emails should carry your agency’s logo - but it will do you no favours if it appears stretched and blurry. Featuring your logo and brand styling in a professional manner will serve you well in increasing brand awareness and brand recall. It will also enable contacts to immediately identify you as the sender.


Contact details

A vital component for any email communication, all should carry clearly visible contact details, preferably stating multiple methods of contact. If a contact wants to immediately act upon your email and give you a call, imagine their frustration if they then have to trawl the Internet to find your number first. Don’t make it difficult for your clients, or potential clients to get in touch.


Branch location links

Embrace the beauty of Google Maps - if you want your emails to trigger walk in traffic for your branch, show your contacts where to find you. A simple link that shows your branch location on a map could be more beneficial than you think. Again, don’t make it difficult for your clients, or potential clients to get in touch - or in this case, don’t make it difficult for them to pay you a visit.


Promotions and event details

Taking you back to the amount of emails you send in just one working day, this is the number of opportunities you have to deliver marketing messages. If you have any offers, promotions or upcoming events to shout about, your email signature works as a great marketing tool. Put your marketing message in front of the hundreds of contacts you email per month and you will soon reap the rewards!


Clickable website and social media links

Always keen to increase your website traffic and social media following? Your email signature is an effective and logical place to include direct links to both. With decisions about property often a lengthy process, including such links provide a more indirect call to action that will give your contacts helpful information about your agency to aid the decision making process.

Certain that you would close a face-to-face conversation with a new contact by giving them your business card, we can help you do the same and more at the close of every email.


-       Clearly present your contact information

-       Strengthen brand awareness

-       Drive traffic to your website

-       Increase your social media following

-       Improve reach and response to marketing campaigns

-       Achieve a consistent, professional look across all email communications


In today’s increasingly competitive property market, don’t overlook the value in the simple addition of a well-designed, professionally executed email signature.


With prices starting from just £275, find out more about email signatures from Ravensworth here.


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