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Hello 2017

06 February 2017

Hello 2017

Start this year fresh and discover the power of direct mail

Hello 2017

According to the Direct Mail Association 79% of consumers will act on direct mail immediately. In a fast paced, 24-hours-a-day digital world, we’re noticing that direct mail is quietly making a big come back.

Direct mail not only helps you reach out to potential customers but it can build rapport with existing clients and build brand recognition. Traditionally winter is a time when many companies scale back marketing spend, which means campaigns at this time of year have little or no competition. Direct mail in winter should focus on building relationships and engaging customers, establishing yourself as the go to property expert and demonstrating your local knowledge. Acquiring instructions and selling properties later in the year will be easier when customers are able to recognise your brand and what it stands for.

If you’re looking for simplicity speak to us today about Marketing Toolkit, our simple template driven platform designed specifically for estate agents. We can also take your final files and merge with your data and can turn around DM jobs in as little as 48 hours.  

Targeting and personalisation can make the difference between success and failure for direct mail. Increase response rates with our comprehensive data set available via marketing toolkit.


Here are some of our top tips for direct mail:


1. Make it useful

Encourage customers to hold on to your message that little bit longer by sending them something to keep. Rather than using bits of scrap paper for shopping lists or jotting down phone numbers you could include a blank area on your campaign so they can reuse it. Head up with a message like “we’re useful in more than one way!”

2. Keep it fresh

The age of smartphones has decreased the average person’s attention span to 8 seconds* We have less time than ever to capture interest so rather than leading into a proposition with direct mail, start with it. 
*Telegraph May 2015

3. Target customers

Targeted messaging is a trend that has continued to grow the last few years. Using data to target direct mail not only resonates better with customers but it also increases response rates in campaigns. 
“There is less waste and a higher percentage of prospects responding to addressed mailings” –

4. Integrate communications

Running a fully integrated campaign will have better overall success than a simple one off email or direct mail. Regular communications across a range of platforms will gain greater response rates and have maximum impact.

5. Don’t forget

It’s easily done, but don’t forget to include a call to action to motivate people to contact you. If they’ve read your communication and agreed with the benefits, they may not act straight away unless you tell them how to. Consider a time limited offer e.g. contact us before Easter to get a free valuation – it may motivate people to get in touch sooner rather than later.


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